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Company News >> Approved by the South Korean government, Shanshan shares purchase of LG Chem’s LCD polarizer business for RMB 770 million

Recently, Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd. intends to obtain 70% of the shares of the holding company by increasing the capital of the holding company (the holding company is a newly established company of LG Chem in China), and indirectly purchase LG Chem through the holding company 70% of its LCD polarizer business and related assets in Mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea. Shanshan shares stated that the company received a notice from the Korea Fair Trade Commission on December 17, 2020 that the reorganization of the two major assets did not violate South Korea’s Monopoly Supervision and Fair Trading Act. So far, this transaction has been approved by the Korean Fair Trade Commission regarding the concentration of operators. At present, the company is actively promoting the filing of matters concerning the concentration of business operators in China involved in this transaction.


Shenzhen Textile: Ultra-wide Line 7 is expected to enter trial production in March next year. After mass production, the production capacity of polarizers will double


Recently, Shenzhen Textile said during the investigation of the institution that the company's Line 7 project is undergoing equipment installation and commissioning. It is expected to complete commissioning in March 2021 and enter trial production. The company will shorten the ramp-up period as much as possible and strive for early mass production to seize market opportunities. The company currently has a production capacity of about 30 million square meters of polarizers. After mass production of the ultra-wide line 7, the production capacity is expected to increase to 60 million square meters.


Mulinsen intends to increase capital of 880 million yuan to four subsidiaries. The amount of related-party transactions in 2021 is expected to be 1.8 billion yuan


Mulinsen issued an announcement stating that the company intends to increase the capital of its subsidiaries with self-raised funds. The four companies will increase capital in total of 880 million yuan. Mulinsen said that the capital increase will help its subsidiaries, Mulinsen Display Devices, Mulinsen Lighting Devices, Mulinsen Semiconductor Materials, and Mulinsen Circuit Boards to improve and adjust the asset structure, enhance its own operational capabilities, and help promote the further development of its business, in line with the company Business development strategy.


SMIC is rumored to obtain a license for mature process equipment in the United States


SMIC’s A shares rose 7.5%, while Hong Kong stocks rose by 16.36% during intraday trading. In this regard, at the news level, according to market rumors, SMIC has obtained a mature process license in the United States. The source also stated that the United States licenses for mature processes are issued in batches, with a one-time distribution of equipment used for 40,000-50,000 pieces of production capacity. Some people in the industry said that the news is true. According to their analysis: "To some extent, China and the United States need to find a balance at the technological level. It is a matter of time to open mature processes to SMIC; and in terms of mature processes , Including TSMC, etc. are likely to be allowed to work for domestic chip manufacturers.

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